Attitude and Perception of Youth towards Discussion on Sexual Assault

Susmita Bogati

Research year:- 2017

Abstract:Violence against women and children is increasingly recognized as a specific health and human rights issue. Sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without explicit consent of the victim. Emotionally, the problem is associated with chronic somatic disorders, anxiety, depression, high risk sexual behavior, chronic illnesses and socio-economic consequences that generally impact negatively on the victim’s quality of life. This study aims to find out the attitude and perception of youth towards discussion on sexual assault. A study entitled “Attitude and perception of youth towards discussion on sexual assault” was conducted during the year 2017 in V.S.Niketan College, Tinkune, Kathmandu using descriptive cross-sectional method. Structured questionnaire and likert scale was used as instrument for assessing the attitude and perception using census method where the total number of participants was 90. The study concluded that most of the respondents had good attitude and perception towards open discussion on sexual assault.

There is no association between attitude and socio-demographic profile of the respondents. In case of perception, the study resulted to association between educational status and the gender orientation can cause the sexual assault on the respondents. The study revealed that the attitudes of respondents towards discussion on sexual assault is 45.6% having negative attitude and 54.4% having positive attitude and the perception of the respondents towards discussion of sexual assault showed that 45.6% have poor perception and 54.4% have good perception. The study can be implicated in a larger sample. This study was focused on quantitative data, it is recommended to conduct similar type of study by using both quantitative and qualitative approach. Various awareness programs like self-defense trainings, self-esteem development trainings and many more need to be launched in different college and school students which will help to raise knowledge and awareness about sexual assault.

Keywords: Sexual Assault, Attitude and Perception