5 Reasons Online Therapy is Right for You

1. Treatment is more accessible

Our team at Happy Minds Nepal have a wide range of expertise in mental health illness that is accessible to you from anywhere in the world. If you live in rural or remote areas with limited or no mental health expert in your geographical area, our platform and online service is the best option to access mental health information and treatment.

2. Online therapy is tailored to your convenience

Happy Minds Nepal’s online therapy offers you the convenience and comfort of not having to leave your comfort bubble, you could talk to your therapist at home with your pyjamas on or at work with work suit. This can especially benefit socially anxious people because you don’t face anxiety-inducing face-to-face conversations.


3. No Travel Restriction

Online therapy at Happy Minds Nepal is a web-based service. While you don’t have to travel to visit your therapist, you can also attend your sessions from anywhere. Be it during your holiday gateway or work field trip, our services reach wherever your smart device reaches.


4. Online therapy is entirely confidential

Happy Minds Nepal team is responsible to handle your confidential information. While your personal information such as full name, address, phone number, email address, emergency contact details are shared with the admin team. The therapists have a non-disclosure agreement with GG Corporation Pvt Ltd to not share your data with any third parties or agencies (law agencies excluded under emergency circumstances).


5. Cost-Effectiveness

Happy Minds Nepal offers a pool of mental health experts who offer their best service and appointment booking for a reasonable price. For Nepalese people residing outside of Nepal, our services are 50% more affordable than the local price at most markets.



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